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Service Descriptions


Localized keyword research

When people search for products or businesses to suit their needs, they often type simple keywords into search engines like Yahoo or Google. Knowing these keywords is absolutely essential to your relevancy for your customers’ needs and your search engine rankings. However, many of these keywords are contributed by a national audience, not just people from your local area. As part of this service in our Silver package, we will research and find the keywords you should be using in attracting users to your website, specifically local users.

We will first do this by researching keywords on a national level to see what keywords are most popular. Then we will localize that research. For example, if you are a FEMA contractor, instead of your keywords just being “FEMA contractor,” we could make it “FEMA contractor Stroudsburg PA.” By doing this, your website will come up whenever someone searches for a FEMA contractor in that area.

We will also write all the meta tags for you. This is an absolute necessary source for ranking well on search engines!

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool offered by Google that gives site owners access to statistics regarding how visitors find their sites, how they used them, site traffic, page rank, and other data. Google Analytics performs analytics in five different forms: content analytics, social analytics, mobile analytics, conversion analytics, and advertising analytics. For more information, visit http://www.google.com/analytics/ . As part of the Silver package, we will install Google Analytics for you, so that you have access to this wealth of information.

Competitive analysis

In order to effectively be better than your competitors, you have to know their strengths and weaknesses. As we study and find keywords and ways to make you better, we will also study your competitors to find ways you can surpass them in both rankings and sales. It’s time to make your SMB better than your competitor’s!

Create and upload KML file

A KML (Keyhole Markup Language) file is a file format that is used to display geographical locations on the internet. If you give us the latitude and longitude of your SMB, we will create a KML file and upload it to your website!

Claim directory listings

While it is absolutely necessary for your website to be submitted to directories, it is also important to make sure they are placed into quality directories. There are hundreds, if not thousands of directories. Because of that, we take domain authority and relevancy into consideration when determining what directories your site should be listed with. It is possible to have hundreds of citations that are irrelevant and of poor quality, and these citations can harm your website ranking. We will not list your website with any directory just for the sake of having it listed. Instead, we will make sure your website is only listed with directories that are going to help your ranking, not hurt it. We will never take the chance of jeopardizing your ranking, or worse, having it penalized or banned from search engines. This is a great service for your SMB to recognized, and is one of the essentials of local SEO.

Search engine indexing

It can take time for your website to be indexed by search engines so that people can be able to see your website in the search results. There are several steps that can be taken to ensure this: First, your website needs to be optimized (which we will obviously take care of for you!). Second, your website needs to have quality, informational content so that it can be recognized by search engines as a reliable source. Thirdly, your website should be submitted to search engines and directories. With this service, we will take care of all these services for you, so that you can have a high-ranking website for your SMB as soon as possible!

Search engine submission

Since new websites have no inbound links or backlinks for search engine spiders to find the websites, it is incredibly important to submit your website to search engines directly. This will enable the search engines to scan your website in seconds rather than hours, because it is in their index and not just in the World Wide Web. This will increase the speed and efficiency of your local SEO efforts immensely.

DMOZ submission

I am sure we are all familiar with Wikipedia.org. DMOZ is essentially the Wikipedia for search engines, as it is human edited. It also carries a lot of weight on your search engine ranking, and a lot of people hurt their rankings because they do not take advantage of DMOZ. When submitting your website to DMOZ, you have to fill out a lot of information for your SMB, which can be very time-consuming. However, we will fill out all the necessary information to have your website ready to go.

Blog setup

Not only do blogs provide your viewers and customers with fresh, up-to-date content, but they can also increase your rankings on various search engines. However, in order for search engines to be able to reach these blogs, they have to be set up in the correct manner. If not, the search engines may overlook them or even penalize you because they think they include spam. As part of the Silver package, we will set up a blog for your website. While you focus on the content of the blog, we will focus on it being picked up by search engines and customers. This is another essential for effective local SEO!

Blog maintenance

Do you want a blog on your site, but would rather someone else maintain it for you? Well, that is exactly what our blog maintenance service includes! As part of this service, we will periodically create posts on your blogs so that your customers can hear the latest information from you and your business. All you have to do is tell our writers what content you would like to appear on your blog, and we will write blogs that contain that content.

As an added service, we will also submit your blogs to directories that specialize in cataloging blog websites over the internet.

Website hosting

Having a website completed and ready to go on your computer is great, but it cannot be seen by anyone else unless it is placed on a server. When placed on a server, the website is available to the general public. Simply put, we will place your website on a server so that it can be seen by people and search engines alike.

Mobile website

Due to the recent creation of smart phones, not everyone has to be on a computer for them to access the internet. For this reason, it is important you have a mobile website for your SMB so that possible viewers and customers can access it wherever they are.  As part of the Silver package, we will create a website that is not only accessible to all types of smart phones, but is great-looking and bound to cause great search engine results. We will even sync it to your regular website so that it is automatically updated along with it. Take advantage of the growing mobile market, and apply for this service today!

Social Bookmarking (on sites such as Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon)

Social bookmarking is undoubtedly one of the quickest acting optimization tools available today. When enacted, most people see increased traffic immediately. By the end of the first month, you should see incredible results due to your content being on sites such as Digg, Reddit, and Stumpleupon. Just like your blogs, websites, and social media pages, we will make sure that your content is being seen by as many people as possible.

Submit to Best of the Web Directory and Yahoo Directory

With the Gold Plus package, we will submit your website to two of the most popular and prominent directories: Best of the Web and Yahoo. With your website in these two directories, there will be a much greater chance for it to be seen.

Submit to Knowem

Knowem is a search engine of its own. While other search engines search for keywords and pages on your website, Knowem instead searches for the use or mention of your brand, product, personal name, or username on over 550 social media sites. With this information, you can claim your name and your brand before someone else does. We will create a profile for you and fill it with information regarding your business and your URL. This service is especially important for securing your SMB!

Reputation management

One of the best ways you can better create a positive experience for your customer is by hearing what they have to say about your SMB. With reputation management, we will search the internet for what people are saying about your SMB, both positive and negative. Let us help you hear the voices of your customers.

Forum Link Building

Forums are yet another way to provide search engines with fresh and helpful information. In forums, users share their personal views on relevant topics. Another great thing about forums is that users are allowed to place links on their posts. There are two types of links that can be posted: text links and signature links. Text links are natural and are of high priority on search engine ranking. Signature links are displayed under any user’s new post. These links are one-way links to your website and greatly help your search engine rank.

With our forum link building service, we will put links to your website onto forums that are relevant to your SMB.  Rest assured that we will help you take advantage of this easy way to increase your rankings.


Additional Services

PPC Campaign Google AdWords

Google AdWords is undoubtedly one of the best programs for creating advertisements to reach your customers. A plus is that you get to choose the keywords that you would like to be included in the ads. When viewers search for that keyword on Google, they will see your advertisement on the right side of the screen. You only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad, not just when it is displayed. As part of our services, we will install and run Google AdWords for you. Just tell us what you would like your daily budget to be and we will set up your advertisements! This is one of the best ways to bolster your local SEO and it is one of our personal favorites!