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Q: How many keywords can I rank for?

A: There are no limits to how many keywords you can rank for. The number of optimized pages on your website and the time and energy you put into your local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts will determine the number of keywords you rank well for.

Q: What the difference between PPC and local SEO?

A: PPC stands for Pay Per Click. With PPC you only get charged when someone clicks on your ad that takes them to your website. Google AdWords is the granddaddy of all Pay Per Click programs. Local SEO is optimizing your website with the goal of getting it to page one on the organic search results.

Q: How long does it take to start show seeing results?

A: Results will vary; you can start to see results in as little as a couple of days to a week. Most businesses will see some results by the end of the first month.

Q: Our business does not have a website; is it possible to get to page one?

A: Yes, we can often get your Name address and phone number (NAP) on page one, but your results would be much better if you have a website. Most of the time someone is searching the web, they are looking for information not just a phone number.

Q: Is there a minimum length of time we must agree to work with you for?

A: Yes, we ask that you work with us for at least six months. We require six months because, while the work is ongoing, a large portion of the work we do will be done upfront.

Q: How long do I need to do local Search Engine Optimization?

A: Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. Google and the other search Engines are constantly changing their algorithms. So if you don’t keep up with local SEO, your competition will pass you up.

Q: If you take us on as a client, would you also possibly work with one of our competitors?

A: No, I n any geographical are we only work with one restaurant, plumber, attorney, etc.

Q: We are not familiar with Facebook, Google+ or twitter. Can you help us?

A: Yes, we can help. We can set up your accounts, create a Facebook page for your business and teach you what to do. Or, if you like we can handle every step, even write the content for you.

Q: Is a blog necessary?

A: A blog is highly recommended for several reasons. A blog can be used to show yourself as the expert in your field. Blogging will also help keep your content fresh and up-to-date by posting on your blog at the very minimum of once or twice a month. Blogging will also increase your chances of being found by the search engines.

Q: How can we see the results your SEO efforts are getting for our company?

A: You will be sent a detailed report showing the results every month.